Architectural Precast

Toyota Town Center

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Project Outline

At a Glance

Industry: Public and Private
Markets: Food Storage & Processing
Services: Precast Stadia, Precast Raker Beams and Columns, Hollowcore Plank, Prestressed Wall Panels, Architectural Precast
Type of Facility: Stadium and Arena, Event Centers
Size: 4,300 seats, for multi event types
Date Completed: 2007
Location: Wenatchee, WA

Because the developer needed to get this facility operational quickly and the structure had to be to be built to withstand thousands of people year-round precast was selected as the building system. Bethlehem Construction worked with the developer and general contractor to determine the most efficient use of precast products appropriate to complete the job. Our unique experience and specialized equipment make us an excellent partner in any project that requires precast.


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