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“Agriculture and its related infrastructure is the core of America and the key to the future.” 

Bethlehem Construction has a reputation for being an industry leader in many types of construction. One of these types is controlled atmosphere buildings (C.A.s). These buildings are certified air tight storage rooms that allow the controller to regulate the levels of oxygen, CO2, temperature and other atmospheric elements to maintain fresh fruit and produce for longer periods of time.

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Experience Matters

Bethlehem Construction is an industry leader in controlled atmosphere and cold storage construction. Bethlehem got its start to service the fruit industry’s storage needs and has over 40 years of experience in the design and construction of low temperature facilities. Bethlehem specializes in all types of food processing facilities, produce, and fruit storage construction.


Vapor barriers

Water vapor must be stopped at every crack, joint or opening that it could sneak through. To accomplish this, a specially designed vapor barrier is incorporated into all wall panels, the roof, and the floor. Much care needs to be exercised when dealing with the barrier as to not tear or poke an holes during installation. By installing the barrier in sandwich panels at the plant it helps with this to get good quality control. At junctions of roof to wall and wall to floor or panel to panel it requires care in treating those details correctly. Bethlehem has demonstrated our ability to perform this work successfully numerous times.


Thermal efficiency

As the inside temperature goes down the more thermal efficiency comes into play. Good thermal efficiency will save energy and money as you go about operating your business.


Our reputation

“The difference between Bethlehem Construction vs the others, is that Bethlehem is knowledgable from start to finish.”

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